• 24pcs Watercolor Real Brush Pens
  • 24pcs Watercolor Real Brush Pens
  • 24pcs Watercolor Real Brush Pens
  • 24pcs Watercolor Real Brush Pens
  • 24pcs Watercolor Real Brush Pens

24pcs Watercolor Real Brush Pens

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Watercolour Brush Pens Durable Set Drawing Brush 


Note: Unibeem is currently out of stock but you can check out using our newly-acquired sister brand: JS&I Watercolor Brush Pens - we make and supply the watercolors for them. 🙂



Our famous Watercolor Brush Pens are the essential tools for any artist! If you're looking for the perfect gift for the art lover in your life, look no further.


  • WATERCOLOR PAINTING MINUS THE MESS: Now you can paint anywhere - simply add water with the included water brush pen! Or use dry for an intense burst of color similar to marker.


  • SOFT FLEXIBLE BRUSHES CREATE STROKES LIKE BUTTER: Use more pressure for coloring or calligraphy down strokes or create subtle thin lines with the fine tip. Feels like a real brush that never stops being full of juicy paint!


  • WATER BASED INK: Blending is a breeze and don't worry about stains for the young artist in your life! Non-toxic, safe for pets and kids, perfect for professional artists or beginners, and best of all- Guaranteed!


  • RANGE OF GORGEOUS COLORS: Vibrant marker colors in every shade of the rainbow including pastels and neons so you can create anything you can envision! Imagine sitting outside on a beautiful day and having the tools to paint whatever crosses your path, or adding extra flair to your bullet journal!


  • ENDLESS CREATIVE OPTIONS: Use your Unibeem Brush Markers with water to create delicate watercolor effects. Or, use without water for dry-brush painting, sketching, coloring, calligraphy & more.



  • Dimensions: 12 x 1.5 x 7.7 inches
  • Color: Set of 24 colors + 2 Refillable Water Brush  Pens
  • Material: Nylon Brush

Monet - Watercolor Brush Pens (20 Piece Set)



Q: What are Brush Pens?
 Unibeem Real Brush Pens are like a paintbrush and pen all in one! They have a flexible brush tip that makes strokes similar to a brush. The rigid barrel is full of water-based ink and is easy to hold and control like a pen. You can use this valuable tool to draw, paint and apply many different watercolor techniques to create stunning artwork. 


Q: Are they Refillable? Where can I Buy Refills?
A: Yes. The brush pens are refillable but we do not sell refills. You can, however, buy any "watercolor ink" or "water-soluble dye-based ink" online or in bookstores. Please do take note that the color may vary from the original ink.


Q: What is the Best Paper to Use?
A: Water-based ink can eat through ordinary printer paper, so make sure you're using thick and smooth watercolor paper or any heavy-weight paper to achieve the best results.


Q: How Long do They Last?
A: The ink volume of each pen is 1.7g. With minimal use, they could last for up to a year.


Q: How Should You Store Them?
A: We recommend storing the brush pens vertically with the tips facing down to ensure the tip is always full of ink and ready to use. To keep the color vibrant, it’s best to store them away from direct sunlight.


Q: Can You Use Them in Coloring Books?
A: Yes, you can use these in coloring books; however, we recommend using books that have heavy pages, as the ink may bleed through the pages.

Watercolour Brush Pens Durable Set Dual Soft Fine Art Markers Drawing Brush








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